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Curriculum Programs

The College curriculum emphasises the development and refinement of literacy and numeracy skills, which are seen as essential if students are to adapt to change and participate fully in an increasingly complex social and economic environment.  

Specialiised programs have been developed in a number of areas and students are encouraged to tap into elements of these.

The following Central Principles were developed by College Staff:

  1. The classroom environment should be stimulating, safe and encouraging.
  2. lnquiry and participation are central to the development of independent learners.
  3. Mutual respect between teachers and students fosters academic, social and personal growth.
  4. Teachers and students share a responsibility to help create a positive, productive and nurturing environment.
  5. Teachers will be professional, showing patience, enthusiasm and fairness, and should have clear and realistic expectations.
  6. All students will be encouraged to aim high and not be discouraged from achieving their full potential.