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Learning And Innovation

We have certainly dived back into learning with Term Two well underway! The first day of term kicked off with great enthusiasm as our dedicated teachers engaged in a Professional Learning Day, delving into various enriching topics to enhance the educational experience for our students. 

During this day of professional development, our educators explored a wide array of subjects aimed at refining their teaching methodologies and incorporating innovative practices into the classroom. Among the topics discussed were using assessment data analysis practices to moderate, target teaching and to improve assessment as well as: 

Harnessing AI in the Classroom: Embracing the power of technology, our teachers delved into strategies for integrating Artificial Intelligence to enhance learning experiences and empower students in their educational journey. 

Precious Plastics Program: We are excited to announce our participation in the Precious Plastics program, which focuses on sustainable practices and environmental stewardship. Through this initiative, students will have the opportunity to engage in hands-on activities aimed at recycling and reducing plastic waste, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility within our school community. 

Metacognitive Strategies: Understanding how we learn is a crucial aspect of academic success. Teachers explored metacognitive strategies aimed at helping students become more aware of their own learning processes, enabling them to become more effective and independent learners. 

Differentiated Learning: Recognising the diverse needs and learning styles of our students, our teachers delved into differentiated learning strategies to ensure that every student receives the support and challenge they need to thrive academically.

We are excited about the opportunities that Term Two holds for our school community and look forward to a term filled with growth, learning, and achievement.

Ms Melissa D'Amico

Assistant Principal (Learning and Innovation)