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Birth of Four New Lambs

During the last week of Term Two, Aitken College's Sustainability and Agriculture department led by Mr Dwayne Ganci, celebrated the arrival of four new lambs, born to our Australian Corriedale sheep. These births were overseen by Mr Glenn Hudson, our Agriculture Resource Manager, who ensured that the ewes received the best possible care.

The first lamb of the season was born on Tuesday morning, followed by second lamb later that night. The excitement continued Thursday morning with the birth of twins.

The arrival of the lambs has generated significant enthusiasm among the students. Throughout the week, they eagerly visited the farm to meet the new additions. This experience provided an invaluable educational opportunity, particularly for students studying agriculture. Observing and caring for the lambs as they grow gives students practical experience in animal husbandry and farm management, reinforcing their classroom learning with real-world application.

Aitken College is deeply committed to providing a comprehensive agricultural education that emphasizes sustainability, practical skills, and community engagement. Our farm facilities, which include a diverse array of animals such as chickens, alpacas, and sheep, offer students hands-on learning opportunities in animal husbandry and farm management. These experiences are integral to our curriculum, providing students with the skills necessary for effective and ethical farming practices.

In addition to our animal programs, our market gardens play a crucial role in our educational offerings. These gardens supply vegetables and herbs used in our Food Studies classes and the Kitchen Garden Program. Students involved in these programs not only learn about plant cultivation and sustainability but also gain practical business experience by occasionally selling the produce at market stalls. This entrepreneurial aspect of the program teaches students the farm-to-table process and the importance of local, sustainable food production.

Aitken College's farm and market garden programs continue to expand and inspire students, equipping them with the knowledge and experience needed to pursue careers in agriculture and related fields. By fostering a deep understanding of sustainable farming practices and providing practical, hands-on experiences, we prepare our students to become leaders in the agricultural sector, ready to tackle the challenges of the future with confidence and competence.