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Aitken College Extension Programs (ACE)

Aitken College aspires to cultivate the talents of all students, giving everyone the opportunity to demonstrate their unique potential and become the best version of themselves in all aspects of their learning. The College identifies highly-able students using multiple measures including teacher recommendation and testing.

Extension programs exist to cater for students who are curious questioners, who’s personal drive to extend themselves needs quenching.

Our extension programs offer a deep drive into the concepts behind the task, it allows the students to wrestle and question these concepts in a way that allows for greater understanding and thus extension.

Extension Programs at Aitken College are offered to students who possess exceptional ability across gifted domains and subject specialties. Our programs aim to enrich and broaden the talents of our highly able students through opportunities which challenge and inspire.

Primary Extension

Highly able students in the primary school are invited to join weekly extension classes in Mathematics and English.

VCE Early entry

Selected students are invited to undertake a VCE Unit 1 & 2 subject in Year 10. This allows highly able students to complete a VCE course with six VCE Unit 3 & 4 credits by the end of Year 12.

Enrichment Programs

Students from Prep to Year 12 are invited to participate in our diverse co-curricular options, based on ability and interest. These offerings are designed to develop creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and complex problem-solving abilities. Competitions and events which are run at local, state, national and international levels include:

  • Tournament of Minds
  • da Vinci Decathlon
  • Accelium Olympics
  • History Enrichment Program
  • Debating
  • Creative writing competitions
  • Mentorship Programs
  • G.A.T.E.WAYS Eureka programs
  • Maths and Science Olympiads
  • University outreach programs
  • Illuminate Challenge
  • Inquiry-based learning projects
  • Ethics Olympiad